Because you were asking us for a more Kink lingerie, we created a space to show the darkest and most sexy lingerie. The most BDSM lingerie. Bras of leather, metal and other materials to complete your secret drawer

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49,59 €

Exclusive powerwetlook sleeveless overall with 2-way zipper in the crotch and additional zipper on the back. Terrific deep cleavage finished with embroidered lace.

45,45 €

Glamorous sleeveless powerwetlook mini dress with deep cleavage. Gorgeous embroidered lace will accentuate feminine curves.

67,77 €

Terrific powerwetlook skirt has two-way zipper all the way down in the front. The back of the skirt is made of handmade pleats that underline your feminine figure.

45,45 €

This mysterious powerwetlook body has wide straps on the bust. Eye-catching transparent tulle inserts cover less than they show. Charming velvet choker is fully length-adjusted.

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