It is not a space solely for sexual encounters. Here begins the ritual prior to a date. An erotic ritual for all your skin that begins in the shower with body peelings and totally organic bath oils to moisturize the skin, face masks and a line of male cosmetics. For the moment of the appointment, edible cosmetics and lipsticks with very funny effects, candles that set the place. And for sexual encounters; All kinds of oils, gels and lubricants that will give free rein to your imagination. At La Femme Lily we opt for an intimate organic cosmetics and this is seen in most of our products but we are also at your disposal so we work with the main brands of the market

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Gel de excitación Rain of Love
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Did you know that every woman has a G-Spot? The G-Spot stimulation can lead to intense feelings and new heights of sexual arousal, even to multiple orgasms within a same intercourse! Discover the...

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