Mask & Headband

There is no more erotic complement than a mask providing the final look to the roll you have chosen in your sexual game. There are all kinds of masks, some are to accompany your look and allow you to have full visibility and others are to blind the person who is submitting in question, whatever the use, you can not miss in your red room. A headband with animal ears is also a very morbid and fetish complement to your kink games.

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MASK Blackout

You can use this mask for the eyes as a mask for the night or try it with your partner to create an exciting and mysterious experience. Take your partner to a pleasant state of darkness and raise...

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BlackOut Mask

Leatherette mask to leave your partner FULLY in the dark. Designed to fit the natural forms of the face, this mask has no holes of any kind. It is tied comfortably with two strips located on the...

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