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Authentic horsetail A phantasmagoric jewel to discover your animal instincts. This genuine horsehair tail caresses and whips. The swaying accentuates the plug's oscillations all the way to the final neighing. Stainless steel, Skated Bronze BR10 Width 19,09inch - ø1,18inch - 7.76oz Penetrating 2,40inch – ø1,18inch

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Authentic pony tail to play differently. With the tail you can caress and whip in your sessions. The swaying of the tail makes the movements more satisfactory. More horsehair and taller ( 78cm ) than the Original TAILBUD Genuine horsehair Bronze BR10 Stainless steel Width 33,86inch - ø1,18inch- 9.17oz Penetrating 2,40inch- ø1,18inch

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