• Paypal: Through your Paypal account
  • Bank card: Next credit cards are accepted:




        To do this, must press, Paypal method and click to the bottom (pay by card or bank account)


  • Payment by bank transfer: (The shipping process will be slower)
  • By Mobile Paypal. To do this, press bank transfer and an email will arrive with the transfer options, Bizum, correos or Paypalmobile



  • Amazon Pay: Even if you don't buy from Amazon, you can pay with your Amazon account
  • By Bizum: Click on Pay with Bizum and the data for Bizum will appear on the screen and a confirmation email will also arrive
  • Mail: (Valid only Spain) You can go to the post office and pay the amount on the account / card whose information you will see in the confirmation email. To do this, click pay by transfer (This service has a commission of € 1.5)