*Orders placed through Amazon Pay may take until confirmation of payment

We are committed to deliver orders within 24-48 working hours for domestic shipments. For international shipments the term is maximum of 8 days, once this period is exceeded we recommend that Contact us in case you have not received the package.

Costs Table

All our orders are sent with the utmost discretion and respect for the privacy of our customers. The order is received in an outer packaging without any reference to the store. For more privacy, The package is in the name of our CEO or staff. If still, the client demands it, we can send the package to the courier center closest to the address, so that the client will pick it up at the place where it is received at the mailing address provided.


Our invoices are sent by electronic mail. You can request your invoice at:

Taxes and customs costs

Our prices include VAT applicable according to product. International purchases lack VAT but the Clients take charge of the customs expenses (tariffs, customs clearance, local taxes, etc.)


ATTENTION: Purchases under € 100 have costs in shipping costs. The default page marks the delivery at home, if the customer picks up the store and later wants us to send it at home, he will have to pay the amount corresponding to the shipment. If the client does not want to pay the shipping costs and wants a refund of the product, this will be made in 75% due to the tax of the payment gateways.

1) If you are not satisfied with the product that we have sent to you and wish to exchange it for another one, send us an email during the first ten working days from the receipt of the package, to our service department to the client ( indicating the reasons for his return. Since the product return request is made, the customer has a period of five days to return it, in the case of exceeding said deadlines, the customer can no longer return the product despite his return request.

2) Remember that we do not make definitions under the following concepts: - Use of the product - Sex toys outside the packaging, the box has been opened, it is only changed in case of tare for the same product)

3) Once received and verified the status of the product, you can choose a product of equal cost, or a bonus from La Femme Lily that will contain the amount of the item. This bonus can be consumed both online as in your stores.

4) In case the product does not meet the return requirement described above, our Customer service department in contact with you for the re-shipment of the product.

5) In case that the return of the product implies customs expenses (tariffs, customs clearance, taxes local, etc.), these will be borne by the customer.