Workshops and Events

At La Femme Lily we organize events, showrooms and workshops nationwide. Surrounded by the best experts and accompanied by the highest quality and exclusivity for our most demanding clients.

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In different rooms, spaces and hotels we organize a private exhibition for our clients. If at any time they require more privacy, we offer our clients the possibility of having a private sample, either in a private space or at the same address. This service has an added cost.


It is a very fun workshop and recommended in single parties or couples meetings. Where all the products are shown, both toys and cosmetics, that currently compete in the erotic sector.

Cost: Store: € 20.00 in products / Private: € 100.00 added cost

Female Pleasure:

It is a workshop (theoretical) where we explain new techniques of female stimulation and dismantle false myths of the female sex

Cost: Store: € 20.00 in products / Private: € 100.00 added cost

Male Pleasure:

Workshop (theoretical) on how to stimulate the male sex. In this workshop different stimulation techniques will be learned but other erogenous zones of man will also be treated

Cost: Store: € 20.00 in products / Private: € 100.00 added cost

Introduction to bondage:

It is a very interesting and fun workshop (practical), an alternative to tapersex. It is done by couple or groups. In this workshop the origins of bondage, the types of ropes, knots and ties will be known.

Cost: Store: € 20.00 in products / Private: € 100.00 added cost


An incredibly fun workshop, a more sensual and fun alternative. In this workshop you will not only learn to do some sensual dances worthy of the golden age, but you will also learn to exploit our sensuality. Seduction is a day to day

Cost: Store: € 60.00

* For therapies of coach, tantra and space rental in private send mail to: