Press Hits

Press Hits


     We are very happy with the new change of the web, it is much more beautiful, sophisticated and easier to handle but unfortunately the information from our old blog has disappeared, so we have decided to make a short article compiling our appearances in the press and on TV.

           Although we have had many collaborations with them over the years, we will never forget that Oxxo wedding were our first press appearances and we did it with the sensual Sage lace bra.

         We had the pleasure of being the lingerie firm chosen by Interviú magazine to close its last almanac and the penultimate edition of the well-known magazine.

Left                /               Right

         But without a doubt, one of the collaborations that made us most proud was the appearance of our garments in the famous Netflix series "Elite". Where one of its protagonists, the actress Esther Expósito, not only wore our favorite teddy, but he also loved it so much that he ended up acquiring it.


Left                    /                  Right

         We will never forget when Paula Vázquez spoke about our harnesses in Fama a Bailar: "50 shades of Gray I love it !!"

         But we did not stay only in Spain, our beautiful lingerie sets have appeared in foreign press, such as the report made by Lofficiel-lithuania magazine with some impressive photos.

From left to right, from top to down: Merossa, triangle vinyl, Garden, Embroidery

         And not only lingerie is the only protagonist in the press, also our swimwear made its place in the digital magazine Koax Magazine

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