Today we are going to talk about some sexual paraphilias. In one way or another we all have some, be it a little sexual arousal from lingerie or a sexual attraction to plants. It is that I do not know what, that inexplicably causes us sexual arousal.


Coprolalia: is the preference for words and sexual and exciting conversation. That is, people who are turned on by conversations of a sexual tone. It is very common for them to request sexual words during intercourse but they do not condition the lives of those who suffer from it.

Besophilia: It is a very curious paraphilia, while the vast majority have a panic about needles, those who suffer from besophilia feel excited in interventions that require the use of syringes.

Misophilia: Misophilia is the excitement produced by used clothing or dirty fabrics, usually underwear. This paraphilia has created a market, since many people have started to sell their old and used underwear on the internet and there are dozens of pages dedicated to it.

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